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Antoine Cosmetics

We helped a Boston local makeup artist go national with her beauty and accessory lines

Antoine Cosmetics e-commerce

Technology Used


General Workings of the Site

The site offers a rich browsing experience with features like ability to show the different colors of makeup products with dynamic color swatches that realistically show what that type of makeup would look like in different colors. The site also has full shopping cart functionality.



Case Study

Imagine yourself a leading makeup artist in a trendy town like Boston. You have some of Boston’s finest as your clients. You are looked to for not only making excellent make up choices, but also respected for your fashion sense and keeping up with the latest styles.

Well, what you can do is come up with an online store to sell your line of cosmetics and add in accessory lines. Being so fashion minded, it was a big challenge to come up with the right theme to represent Nancy Antoine’s fine tastes in make up and accessories. We recruited our best graphic artist to do the job. That, plus our programming know-how, resulted in a exquisite yet simple website to express the uniqueness Antoine Cosmetics has to offer in the most elegant way possible.