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Belong Salon

We gave a Beauty Salon a Website designed to Show off their Artistry

Belong Salon

Technology Used


General Workings of the Site

For Belong Salon, a highly regarded salon in Oregon, we designed the site to showcase what they uniquely have to offer their clients.

So we came up with a distinctive navigation bar, and traveling social media icon cluster.

We topped it off with special decorative fonts for the price charts and slide show to show they can edit themselves to demonstrate what they have to offer their clients.

Case Study

For Belong Salon, a top beauty salon in a suburb of Portland, the challenge was to come up with an easy to use website that could well represent the style of this top Oregon state salon. We came up with an elegant slide show, with an understated website background. This allowed us to add some elements, like titles with a lavish calligraphy, without the site being overstated in its effect. We added features like a portfolio and list of team members that the client can easily edit or add to.