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Bidwey Auction

We helped a couple of local construction guys bring their unique auction idea from napkin to the World Wide Web

Bidwey auction block

Technology Used

Custom E-Commerce using PHP and MySQL

General Workings of the Site

Bidwey.Com is a unique auction site, owned by Midwey, Inc. of Monroe Michigan. The people at Midwey are currently in the final stages of applying for the full patent for the system. When visitors arrive at the site they can browse through all the items up for bidding without signing up or logging in. As they hover their mouse over one of the item boxes, it will flip so they can see the details on the back, and they can even click a link to a full product detail page. Bidding requires membership, but memberships are free and usually come with ten bids free bids to get started worth 10 cents each.



Case Study

We were approached by a couple of local entrepreneurs from the construction trades who came up with an idea for a unique auction concept, which is now patent pending.

They wanted to come up with a fun alternative to penny auction sites and E-Bay. It resulted in an auction site where the purchase price goes down with each dime bid till a “Fill it Up” point threshold is reached where a member is then allowed to purchase the item at a deep discount if they wish (or they can choose to see if the item will even go lower in purchase price). It took a lot of unique coding and thinking on our part to make this unique patentable concept a reality that would be a fun challenge for the website members. We had to code the site so bids could move fast, then we had to find the right kind of hosting to handle the bidding at high speed in high traffic situations. This also took careful hosting configuration to make all this possible for the maximum experience for the bidders.

We had several meetings with the clients to take their idea from unique concept to a working reality with a highly customizable back end so that they can easily analyze their growth opportunities in real time. The challenge was making an auction experience for their members that had never been done before. We were able to create the architecture for system that would fit their vision.