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Bootstrap puts the responsive in responsive design

There is a wide range of resolutions available today: from large desktop computers to the ubiquitous cell phones. And your website needs to instantly respond to all the screen sizes available. The beauty of Bootstrap is that it gives us a time efficient and reliable way to design your website so that it can instantly fit into any screen resolution of a chosen device.

So you don’t have to settle for one or two screen resolutions for which your website is optimized. We can design viewing versions of your website for all the possible devices out there: large, medium and small. This is just not about the look, but also the feel of your website. The feel part of the equation has to do with the functionality of your website at different screen resolutions. We can adjust the functionality of mobile versions of your website by knowing how to adjust the function and design which could malfunction, if left unchecked, due to the constraints of the mobile environment