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Boston Green Cleaners

We came up with a site to express the array of services of an eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaner in the town of Boston.

Boston Green Cleaners

Technology Used


General Workings of the Site

There is the classic top navigation menu and a slide show. There is also sidebar navigation for the list of services. There is also an FAQ the client can easily add to, and a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) in the back office so that the client can easily update pages on the website.



Case Study

Boston Green Cleaner is devoted to using eco-friendly solutions and methods for cleaning carpets, upholstery, air ducts, flooring and general cleaning. We needed to come up with a professional looking site to match the professionalism of his business. We came up with a before and after gallery to show the effectiveness of the company’s cleaning methods. We also needed to come up with areas the owner could easily add to like the FAQ section so that customers could be constantly educated on how Boston Green Cleaners keeps up to date with the latest in effective green cleaning materials and methods.