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CSS3 – The latest style coding standard

CSS3 is what we use to its optimum to give your website that great look and feel.

Our ability to master CSS3 means we can provide finer grain control over the look of fonts. One such effect is shown below, demonstrating how we can combine characters with CSS3 to give logo or special beginning chapter effects.

CSS3 Kerning Effects

With CSS3’s better control over the spacing between characters, we can better manage the way fonts are displayed, as seen in the second line below where the “W” and the “a” spacing is adjusted by CSS3.


These are only a couple of examples of what a master of CSS3 can do to make your site look more elegent. There is a whole host of things that can be done with CSS3 to make your website more appealing and exciting. Not only with better control over fonts, but also with backgrounds and borders and many photographic type effects.