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Dedicated to Make a Change

Company devoted to Youth gets Featured Packed Affordable Website

Dedicated to Make a Change Home Page

Technology Used


General Workings of the Site

The site has many features, such as robust gallery functionality, a multi-media calendar, an easy to build drop down menu structure, and a built in blog. There is also an area for news stories. Creating new pages is very easy for the admin as well as keeping them organized through a customizable drop down menu system.



Case Study

A couple of years back the owner of Dedicated to Make a Change, a L3C (Low income Limited Liability Corporation) located in nearby Ypsilanti, Michigan came to us wanting to improve her company’s website to one that was professional in looks and functionality.

Her company, of course, did not have a lot of money to spend. So we sat down with her to find out the goals of her organization in regards to its website and to come up with a plan.

Being an organization catering to youth, the website needed to have a lot of interesting features, such as a multi-media calendar, a blog, a slide show that could be easily updated, news stories, and for the owner to be able to add and subtract to the menu drop down structure herself.

To make this website both high functioning and affordable we drew from our library to make all that happen. The result was a website her teenage clients could feel engaged in and inspired to contribute articles and media to.

We are proud of how we were able to provide an affordable and exciting web solution to a company helping to improve the futures of youth in our headquarters’ county.