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esf Consulting

We Built a Food Services Consultant a Website with a Unique Navigation and Blog Scheme


Technology Used


General Workings of the Site

The site has a specially designed blog that displays like a big bulletin board, and the admin can choose the order of the portals for each article. As you click on a portal with a picture and a short description, you go the full article. The admin has a lot of control over the site, with sections like listings of food services and related companies, and pages with creative tabbing systems for interesting displays.



Case Study

When Betsy Sallade-Farina came to us, her website had many problems. We started to fix them, and then she decided for us to redo her website completely.

We carried over her navigation tab scheme on her services page, and improved the layout of pages where it was needed.

For the blog we went through a few schemes with her until we worked out a distinctive navigation scheme for the blog wherein we used a gallery approach, and programmed the blog so that the first words of the blog articles would be dynamically pulled into the caption under each picture. We then worked with the CSS and trained her so that she could easily make her own blog articles with a distinctive headlining scheme.

Her food service consulting business goes after institutional clients so we had to design and create a website for her business that lived up to its professionalism.