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Graphic Design

Years ago, the World Wide Web transformed the Internet from a collection of files, accessed through FTP or software like Gopher, to a multi-media mega phenomenon.

It was like bringing the words of a book to life through a movie. And the best movies are the ones that draw you into the story as if your are a participant. With that phenomenon, web design was born.

Main Points:

  • Designing a website should be thought of as the opportunity to tell the story of your business, organization or subject of the website.
  • We approach your web design as a team, from the marketing person to the project manager to the artists, designers and programmers.

We can for example:

  • Interview you to help you solidify your vision of what the web design should be to best enhance the website experience of your visitors and represent your company or organization best.
  • First we come up with a sketch, then a mock up of what your website could look like. Then you can start to experiment with how to shape the visuals and organization of the website.
  • Then we turn the mock up into a clickable demo site, so you get a better feel for the final product before it goes in for the final programming.

Empowerment Points:

  • You get to experience the steps of going from dream to reality for your website, or what we like to call: “From Napkin to the World.”
  • You get to use tools like professional producers do, such as concept development, story boarding, and proofs of concept.
  • You can get the final product in versions that automatically adjust to every kind and size of devise.