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We Helped a Non-Profit Comply with New Regulations

HOOINC back end

Technology Used

Custom PHP and MySQL

General Workings of the Site

The front end of the website has a left and right side bar. The right sidebar stating its values, and the left sidebar with news and accreditation information. Tabbed information like locations, services, and employment opportunities appear in the middle column. The back end has accounting and scheduling capabilities.



Case Study

HOO Inc. is known throughout the United States as a leader in the providing of housing and opportunities for mentally challenged adults. They are one of the biggest organizations of their kind in the Midwest. From their headquarters in metro Detroit, they manage a large collection of homes which serve as residences for members of the Michigan adult mentally challenged community.

When new patient privacy and other new relevant regulations were enacted, HOO Inc. was in danger of closing its doors and not being able to serve a vulnerable population. They came to us hoping for a solution to managing the new increased demands on paper work and keeping up with changing regulations. Being a non-profit they had to find an affordable way to get the large job done of managing the new regulations along with the demands of managing the payroll and scheduling of the round-the-clock staff at each of the dozens of houses they run.

All this had to be done with a small headquarters staff in proportion to the size of the field staff and client population. We sat down with them to learn the extent of their new documentation requirements for the new regulations, then designed and launched a software system which works on the back end of the website we built for them. This back end system allows the corporate staff to manage the scheduling of workers, handle payroll and keep track of relevant regulations in one central location.

We designed the payroll system so that it could be integrated with the payroll service company HOO Inc has contracted to process its paychecks and tax information.

We started out creating a website for them, and in the end were able to design a payroll and employee management system able save them money and time, so they can continue to afford to pay their field and executive staffs competitive wages.

Their ultimate clients continue to benefit by being served by a stable, motivated and highly qualified staff to ensure them a quality of life for years to come.