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HTML5 is the latest standard in HTML coding

The release of HTML5 was long awaited by developers. However there is still only a small percentage of developers who can come close to taking full advantage of the possibilities of what HTML5 can offer for the look and feel of your website. Web Tek Plus is a web developing company among that small percentage.

HTML is called the cornerstone of website design. The web browser reads and interprets the html code along with CSS and JavaScript. The code gives instructions to the browser on what to display on your device. These instructions can include audio and visual commands. HTML works in concert with JavaScript and CSS. Both of these languages enhance the actions of the HTML. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) provides additional instruction such as, but not limited to, text size, color and style. Additionally, CSS can alert the HTML as to the type of device is receiving the data. The JavaScript code can be embedded in the HTML to perform automation and perform calculation and other data manipulation.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has maintained the standards for HTML and CSS since 1997. The latest version is HTML(5). The WebTekPlus team utilizes the current versions to offer professional website services.