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Joomla – the sweetheart of websites

Joomla is known as the sweetheart of websites. It seems to have just the right balance between complexity and user friendliness. So if, for instance, you are ready to move up from WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System), but not quite ready for the complexities of Drupal – then Joomla may be the answer. After all, Joomla is used by Harvard University, so it must have lots to offer the sophisticate in you, even though it may not have all the power of Drupal.

Here are some advantages of going with Joomla:

  • User Friendliness – Most users can get a quick enough handle on Joomla to get a good start on creating pages.
  • Extension Availability – lots of free extensions to get started with.
  • Templates – There are many templates to choose from.
  • Power – It is a good choice for a site that will have a lot of pages and multi-media content.
  • Navigation – One of Joomla’s strong points is that it comes with a comprehensive navigation building system, so it is easy to use even if you have hundreds of sub pages.
  • SEO Friendliness – The links that are generated by Joomla are designed to be SEO friendly, and give you a great start in the battle for top search engine ranking spots.
  • Administration Panel – It may be a bit hard to learn at first, but it does offer a lot of functions for powerful administrative control over your site.

Adding it all up, whether you are starting with a small site with high hopes of becoming a large information portal; or if you want to start with a powerful large site with dynamic content, good search capabilities, RSS feeds, etc. then Joomla is a good way to go.