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Leave UR Mark

Internship Opportunities Shine with this Website


General Workings of the Site

The home page of the website has a custom slide show and a special visually oriented index of pages for easy and quick navigation of the site. Each page also has access to a collection of social media buttons on the side. We also built a custom designed series of forms for going through the steps of their internship internship application process.

Technology Used




Case Study

We seem to attract companies with strong community oriented missions to our software and web solutions firm.

Leave UR Mark specializes in hosting internships in India. They wanted to modernize the look and feel of their website. They also needed to have us develop a back end to manage the unique application process that their clients undertake to become approved for their internships.

They had bought a WordPress theme by Simplicity, before contacting us. They liked the look and feel of the template but had definite ideas on how to customize and execute it in their website. The theme presented challenges, because it did not allow many of the changes that Leave UR Mark wanted in it.

Luckily our head programmer was part of the original team that helped develop WordPress. With his deep practical knowledge of WordPress and Simplicity, he was able to make the necessary code changes to re-shape the theme to Leave UR Mark’s exacting expectations of the final layout.

We have also took on SEO duties for the website after it was finished. As part of that we continued to improve the flow of the website to encourage visitors to explore what Leave UR Mark has to offer in their internship and volunteer opportunities.