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Magento – tops for online stores

Magento offers the best platform for large high traffic online stores

Magento, introduced as short a time ago as 2008, is like the baby bother of e-commerce solutions that did so well in such a short amount of time that it showed up its older siblings in no time. We got teethed on developing Magento during version 0.9, now know version 1.9 inside and out and are ready to help introduce the world to the wonders and power of version 2.0. Since Magento’s introduction there has been more than a half a million downloads. And Magento allows you to support multiple websites.

Today Magento means e-commerce. Attesting to that is the fact that Magento is now searched for more than the key word ecommerce or e-commerce. If your organization decides to go with Magento they will have some powerful company. Many of the top corporations use Magento, such as Ford, Samsung, Olympus, North Face and a host of others.

Now let’s consider a few Magento qualities that will help you with the expansion of your business. Magento will help you reach that much sought after youth market by providing you with a mobile-friendly configuration, so that mobile users can browse with ease and order your products in a flash. And of course there is the all important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques any online store, serious about expanding their exposure, which need to be applied to the pages. With Magento, title tags, keywords, and descriptions can be added in a snap by the admin without any HTML knowledge. Magento gives you easy control over all the SEO elements to help you optimize your site. Does your company have big plans for its offerings to the public? Magento will support more than one half a million products housed in a single website. And when it comes to adding more functionality, bells and whistles, Magento makes it easy for your web master to integrate third party plugins and other elements.

When Magento was introduced, back in 2008, it was like a prize young thoroughbred storming out of the gate with more than 500,000 downloads in the first year. It’s dominance in the marketplace with over a quarter of the top one million websites using Magento, speaks to its versatility and flexibility as a shopping cart solution.

Your company will not be alone, by any means, if they decide to go with Magento for your online shopping platform. The Magento community is quickly growing, boasting over 80 K members.

Ten things to consider about Magento:

  1. Magento offers two editions- Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. While the Magento Community edition is free, you have to pay for Magento Enterprise. Both Magento Enterprise and Magento CE have similar base codes, but the Enterprise version comes with additional functionality and support. There was another edition, Magento Go, however it is currently unavailable.
  2. Magento e-commerce is, perhaps, the most complete open source e-commerce solution on the market and has successfully managed to fend off competition from the likes of Oracle ATG, Hybris and IBM WebCommerce.
  3. Magento has been acquired by eBay and during the 2014 “Imagine Magento” conference, the Announcement that the recent releases of Magento will be followed by the release of the highly awaited Magento 2, speaks enough about its performance quotient.
  4. According to a majority of the recent market surveys, Magento, with a 26% share, remains the most popular e-commerce development platform on the market for the fourth year running. Magento also leads the way in the category of top busiest stores.
  5. Being a flexible platform, Magento is very nimble when it comes to product customization, payment options or shipping and handling. It allows the merchant to manage the store’s appearance, content and functionality from the intuitive administration interface.
  6. The availability of a large number of Magento developers appreciably brings down the cost of outsourcing for the setting up of your online store. With the help of the enthusiastic Magento community that is always ready to assist you, operating the free Magento community edition is undemanding.
  7. Amidst complaints related to Magento’s performance, it is essential to take into account the resource-hungry nature of the platform, especially when the volume of transactions is large.
  8. The availability of over 5000 extensions on the market, makes Magento extensible and easily adaptable. These extensions allow store owners to tailor their store to meet the requirements of the business.
  9. Based on the Zend framework, Magento applies the conventions of object oriented programming and model-view-controller architecture. This helps in glitch-free and easy-to-maintain coding.
  10. Magento was designed to exploit the benefits of running in a multi-server setup in a clustered environment so as to be scaled over any number of web servers. Thus, it becomes rather easy to handle a large volume of requests. Also, the performance of your store can be considerably increased by increasing the number of nodes.