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More About Us

Web Tech Plus has been in operation for seven years now, and it is backed by the sixteen years of professional experience that the owner brought to the business when he opened it in 2009. He started with just himself and a project manager he hired from the local college the owner wanted to create a website technology business that could provide Fortune 500 level website options to main street independent businesses.

Now, with his diverse team, he is able to provide broad based services and he plans to keep the company at its present size with just the right size team to provide the depth of services needed today to stay competitive without sacrificing that small company personal touch.

The owner opened Web Tech Plus with the concept that he could provide big solutions to small companies with small budgets with his extensive suite of tools he had been developing since school. Now an independent main street retailer can have its own version of a Target style product catalog and online commerce destination.

One of the biggest problems small businesses have in competing with the big chains is their limited advertising budgets. Web Tech Plus solves this by providing intense search engine optimization campaigns (SEO) that are not intensive in their pricing. The SEO campaigns Web Tech Plus conducts allows small businesses to appear on par or better with big chains in search engine search results.

The SEO campaigns go beyond SEO services in what they provide. Web Tech Plus will design enticing descriptions of your pages to make your listing more clickable, and we are experts at converting web visitors into customers.

We at Web Tech Plus are also very aware of the constantly changing trends on the Internet so, for instance, we created a small team devoted to nothing but developing and executing mobile apps. We call them our Mobile Team. They not only are up on the latest trends in mobile apps but are leading this segment of the industry with their own innovations. And rest assured, they are also in touch with marketing and communication trends with the younger generations who are driving this segment.

On the corporate side, we are providing small to medium corporations, who want to think and act like Fortune 500 companies, the web technology based solutions they need to run like a Fortune 500 companies, but on a relatively small budget.

But don’t get the wrong idea. Working with us on creating leading edge business solutions still takes an investment with of your time and financial resources. The difference is that you won’t find a company that respects your time and financial resources as much as Web Tech Plus does.

So is your organization ready to make the Web Tech Plus Difference? Call us now to find out.