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PHP and MySQL are popular open source technologies for, respectively, programming and database applications.

PHP is the most widely used scripting language on the Internet, because it is so well suited for web development. Its ability to be embedded into HTML makes it well suited for website development. This means you can place some PHP code in the HTML page wherever you need it.

PHP is a scripting language as opposed to being compiled. A PHP script will run after an event occurs, such as when a request is made. With PHP, you get an excellent choice for creating dynamic websites.

As an open source programming language it means that there is no cost for using it, and that leads to us being able to offer it as an affordable programming solution. The head programmer has built up a library of useful code for over a decade and a half that we can draw from to create new websites making our services even more affordable. PHP also is known for working well with just about every database out there.

Speaking of databases, we mostly use MySQL, which is the most popular open source database application around. MySQL is commonly used with PHP, and it comes with a database server and a number of useful utilities to help us efficiently manage your data.