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Play Golf 365

We Helped bring the Excitement of an Indoor Golf Facility come to Life

Play Golf 365

Technology Used

Custom PHP and MySQL

General Workings of the Site

This website has pages that illustrate the different qualities of the Play Golf 365 experience, a image gallery of the different courses available, menu page for the adjoining restaurant, and custom Google Map icon.



Case Study

The owner of Play Golf All Year, wanted us to build a website where potential customers could get a life like experience of what it was like to play at his indoor golf facility.

We accommodated the client by creating pages with sharp graphics to bring to life the different technologies available to make their golf simulator experience offer realistic golf experiences to their customers, along with a gallery of the different courses available.

We topped it off with engaging content that one of our staff content developers produced, after being invited to experience the indoor links and eats himself.