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SEO with a holistic marketing plan in mind

SEO is a very demanding practice. For SEO to be effective in this stage of Internet competitiveness there needs to be a strong commitment on not only the part of the service provider, but also the client in financial, creative, and investigative resources. We at Web Tek Plus have taken this process very seriously and have put together a team with expertise in writing and research, public relations, and programming and search engine algorithms.

Our SEO Services:

We offer both onsite and offsite SEO services. Here is a brief description of what we do:

  • SEO Process
    We will analyze your site: we will determine where your web site is currently ranked on major search engines and what, if anything, have you done to optimize it. We will conduct analysis of your competition, in which competitive analysis will be done and will help our SEO Engineers to know what strategies they should use.
  • Social Media Optimization
    Social Media Optimization (SMO) is very much an essential for a business which is operated through its website. SMO has become a most effective way to attract more and more frequent visitors to your website in addition to traditional SEO. If you are able to attract more and more visitors then these visitors will be your potential customers.
  • Content Writing
    We know how to create content that can shape up your online presence effectively and for longer periods! Our content writing services will lift your rank and build your brand value in the market. Our content writing service is completely based on business dynamics, continuous research and with lots of experiences and analysis. We understand your business and focus on your objectives and custom content that will results greater than you expected.
  • Pay per Click Advertising
    After Google introduced the concept of “Google AdWords;” Internet marketing changed its face forever. Thereafter, the new terminology “Pay Per Click” advertising also known as PPC, has been ruling the world of the Internet. Today PPC is considered as the most effective and smartest way to reach targeted customers and businesses.
  • Article Submission
    Article submission has become one of the integral parts of Internet marketing today. Based on several surveys, it has become the most popular and effective tool to attract new visitors and keep them coming back. Web Tek Plus has not only automated the article submission process but it has also created a proprietary method that works like a two edge sword. As an added benefit, our well written keyword rich articles act as a valuable back linking machine – ultimately bringing a massive traffic to your website.
  • Link Building
    Looking at the Internet from a different perspective, it’s nothing more than a massive collection of links. So, the more links to your website the better search engine results your website is going to have. Web Tek Plus exercises the best practices to build up the links for your site. We go the extra mile to look for partners in your industry so as to establish permanent links thus increasing the traffic. In addition to that, Web Tek Plus also brings link exchanges and high PR connections to the table.
  • Web Directory Submission
    Our SEO experts submit your site to only authentic and relevant search engines and directories, manually, because manual submission ensures greater quality allowing customization of the site according to the latest requirements and hence ensure the best possible results.